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Automatic shampoo vacuum liquid filling machine

Introduction of the machine: Automatic liquid filling and capping machine is a utility product developed by our company. It applies volumetric dosing filling solution guaranteeing high filling precision and a capping system as well. And therefore this machine is widely used in the filling and capping of viscous liquid in such fields as pharmaceutical, foods, chemicals, health products and cosmetics etc.

Main features of the machine

It can automatically finish bottle feeding, dosing filling, cap feeding and capping so that it shares high efficiency and popular among all kinds of industries production;
Screw rod is available in bottle feeding system so that the bottles can be delivered into the turntable, with reasonable structure and stable performance;
Filling is finished by twice to guarantee the liquid foam is not overflowing; it will not fill without bottle and the machine closes down automatically if without bottle or bottles falling down so as to avoid product waste, pollution and machine failure in process;
Filling and capping are together so that it will save much space in the factory;
There are three sealing knives together and centrifugal force principle is applied in process, so that the bottles can be locked tightly; what is more, the capping system is adjustable to meet different sizes bottles;
It is convenient to operate and maintain the whole machine.

Main technical parameter

Bottles capacity: 10-50ml;

Filling precision: ≤ ± 2%;

Capping accuracy: ≤ ± 0.5%;

Production capacity: 30-50 bottles/minute;

Power supply: 380V 50HZ;

Power consumption: ≤ 1.1KW;

Machine noise: ≤ 70dB;

Machine weight: approx. 350KG;

Machine overall dimension: 1050 L × 1200 W ×1400 H (mm)


1. Volumetric dosing filling
2. Cap feeding system
3. Easy to adjust bottle and cap size;
4. 30-50bpm production caapcity

Quick Details

Type: Capping Machine, Filling Machine
Condition: New
Application: All kinds of easy flowing liquid and semi-liquid, such as lubricant oi
Driven Type: Electric
Automatic Grade: Automatic
Power: 1.1KW
Packaging Type: Bottles
Packaging Material: Wood
Place of Origin: Shanghai, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:NPACK